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rear on Karttika su. 4, he breathed his last in the presence of
(Jod Dhava]esvara.    The  king  ruled for  28  years.    He died

In the Saka year reckoned by Vedesumanavah (1454).

Kaiakarajct VamsTwali} (India OJice Ms.) Au/rtckt ee. i. p. 77 ;

Kaifiyat of JagannGtham, Mae. Mst.t 15-6-48,

Skt. f. lS-a-16-a, TV. f. 20-a—21-a.

King Yadu was born in the glorious Candra-v#rf;£a. In
it were also born many kings, and many dynasties of kings.
In the Tuluva-tfflwstf, which was one among them, was born one
Timmaraya who was full of prowess and attained great fame.
To him was born a king (Isvara) by a chief queen Bukka-
masani by name. To him was born a king, Narasingaraya by
name, possessed of such qualities as modesty, severity and
Narasingaraya's Coronation:—Crowned on the throne set
with nine gems at Vidyanagari, Narasingaraya was protecting
the Telugu country along with his minister Uddanda. Since
the paJaiy.igars and dandanayaicas of the Karnataka country
did not pay tribute, minister Uddanda under orders from the
king advanced against the Karnata country with the fourfold
army, made war on them, captured Jlvagraya himself,
reinstated him in that country and took tribute from that
palaiyagar. He then made great war with Vijaya Raja in
Malayala and Kerala, conquered him, took much wealth from
him, made friends with the Pandya Eaja and gained large
forces from him and took tribute from the Cola and Dravida-
countries. Prom there he went to the northern countries as
far as Kalinga and Bengal, conquered those rulers who gave
battle with (their) huge armies, killed Grajapati Raja, conquer-
ed the king of the banks of the Ganges who opposed him with
an army, won victories against many Muhammadans, took
much wealth including elephants and horses, returned to
Vijayanagari-pattana, met ting Narasingaraya and reported to
him on all matters. Then Narasingaraya, who wag mighty-